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Sabaly Forever!!
NBIA is a rare, inherited, neurological movement disorder characterized by the progressive degeneration of the nervous system (neurodegenerative disorder) more
Articles & Stories:
* Niskayuna High School...09/03
* Middlebury Triathlon....08/04
* Times Union (Newspaper clip)...12/04
* Times Union (word document)...12/04
* America Oggi...12/04
* Times Union (Guestbook)...12/04
* Western Australia raises $12,000.00 for NBIA Disorders
What is NBIA?:
Raising awareness one mile at a time... After Mark Michalisin participated in his Triathlon in 2004 in memory of Sabrina & Alyssa.  I was inspired and along with Johnny and Domenico...we participated in our first Triathlon. The goal was not how much money we raised...but to show others that we can all make a difference. We trained all summer and on August 15, 2005 we participated as “Team SabAly”...we did not only finish the race...but we proved that anyone can accomplish something if they put their minds to it.

Thank You for all those who donated and thank you to Sabrina and Alyssa for inspiring us to finishing this race!!